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The following achievements are associated with this Sphere of Influence:

Breaking new ground in the understanding of the structure of muscle fibres
The first description that muscle spindles contain two types of specialized muscle fibres was written by Ian Boyd. This led directly to our modern understanding of how these sensors function in muscles.

First evidence that cholesterol-lowering statins can prevent the development of ischaemic heart disease in apparently healthy individuals
Statins, the cholesterol-lowering drug, are now used around the world to prevent heart attacks.

First Routine hospital-based ECG interpretation by minicomputer
Developed by Professor Peter Macfarlane and his team in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences (Glasgow Royal Infirmary), the University of Glasgow ECG Analysis Program has been adopted commercially and applied world-wide.

Proving that waist circumference is an indicator of the risk of heart disease
The waist circumference measurement, proposed by Mike Lean, also turned out to be more accurate than BMI as a predictor of obesity-related health risks, from diabetes, CHD, stroke, sleep apnoea syndrome, depression.