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The following achievements are associated with this Sphere of Influence:

Discovering of cause of Leishmaniasis
Leishmaniasis is a tropical disease named after the William Leishman who discovered its cause in 1900.

Discovery and understanding of types of parasitic worms
Robert Leiper made lasting contributions to our understanding of the biology and taxonomy of parasitic worms infecting humans and animals.

Key discoveries of the life cycle of Trypanosomes
African trypanosomiasis remains endemic in central Africa today. The parasites invade the central nervous system and brain, where they cause many neurological symptoms, including disruption to sleep-wake patterns, which have led the disease to be referred to as sleeping sickness.

Preventing disease in Africa
Keith Vickerman demonstrated that due to antigenic variations in Trypanosomes, a vaccine cannot be developed against one of Africa’s most important diseases.

Preventing the spread of the parasitic disease Toxoplasmosis
The role of cats in the infection of humans with Toxoplasma parasite was discovered by Bill Hutchison.