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The following achievements are associated with this Sphere of Influence:

Developing a pump for delivery of anaesthesia during surgery – the Diprifusor® target-controlled infusion (TCI)
The Diprifusor® target-controlled infusion allowed direct control of a specific drug's concentration within a patient during surgery.

Developing in vitro fertilisation
Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe developed the IVF technique for the fertilisation of human egg cells outside the body which led to te world's first test-tube baby in July 1978.

Developing our understanding of tissue transplantation
When Tom Gibson and Peter Medawar (later Sir) described the 'Second Set' phenomenon in 1943 they laid the foundations for tissue transplantation.

First Routine hospital-based ECG interpretation by minicomputer
Developed by Professor Peter Macfarlane and his team in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences (Glasgow Royal Infirmary), the University of Glasgow ECG Analysis Program has been adopted commercially and applied world-wide.

Groundbreaking statistical analysis of compositional geological data.
John Aitchison's award winning work has revolutionised the way Geologists analyse data.

Leading obstetrician and gynaecologist
Louise McIlroy was a pioneering female medical professional who specialised in obstetrics and gynaecology and received many distinctions and awards in recognition of her work.

Pioneering the use of ultrasound in medicine
The use of diagnostic ultrasound, particularly in obstetric medicine, became established practice thanks to the work of Ian Donald.

Pioneering the use of X-rays in medicine
John Macintyre was a pioneer of the use of X-rays as a therapeutic tool and established the world's first hospital x-ray unit in Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Preventing the spread of the parasitic disease Toxoplasmosis
The role of cats in the infection of humans with Toxoplasma parasite was discovered by Bill Hutchison.

Proving that waist circumference is an indicator of the risk of heart disease
The waist circumference measurement, proposed by Mike Lean, also turned out to be more accurate than BMI as a predictor of obesity-related health risks, from diabetes, CHD, stroke, sleep apnoea syndrome, depression.