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Keith Vickerman

Born 21 March 1933.
Died 28 June 2016.

An acclaimed zoologist who was first to demonstrate the existence of variable surface antigen types in metacyclic trypanosomes.

Connection to the University of Glasgow: Professor

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The following achievement is associated with Keith Vickerman:

Preventing disease in Africa
Keith Vickerman demonstrated that due to antigenic variations in Trypanosomes, a vaccine cannot be developed against one of Africa’s most important diseases.


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Keith Vickerman (1933-2016) was an Honorary Professor in the Division of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology. He was titular Professor of Zoology from 1974 until his appointment to the John Graham Kerr Chair of Zoology in 1979, and he was Regius Professor of Zoology from 1984 to 1998.

He became a Fellow the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1970, the Royal Society in 1984 and of the United Kingdom Academy of Medical Sciences in 1998.