Reproducing Images

You need permission to reproduce our images. Images may be subject to additional copyright permissions.

First please check the image credit to be sure it is a Glasgow University Archive Services image. If not, contact the organisation listed in the photo description. If in doubt contact us and we will forward your request to the appropriate custodian.

To apply to use an image tell us:

  • which pictures you would like to use, identified by name and URL, e.g. "Andrew Bonar Law,".
  • about your project (is it a book/magazine/video/TV programme...?).
  • how widely it will be distributed (USA only/EC only/Worldwide...).
  • how many (copies/transmissions) you need to clear rights for.
  • your deadline
  • your full email, postal and telephone contact details (just an email address will not be enough).

A form is available in pdf format if you prefer.

What happens next?

We will then reply and let you know if any fees will be applicable.

If you confirm you order and return any payment required, we will fulfil your order endeavoring where possible to meet your deadlines. If necessary this will mean supplying higher resolution versions of the images along with formal permission to use them for the purpose you specify.

If you would like more information please contact us.

See also the information about using images on websites.