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The multidisciplinary membership of the RSE, encompasses excellence in the Sciences, Arts, Humanities, the Professions, Industry and Commerce, makes it unique amongst learned Societies in the UK. Candidates for Fellowship are nominated by existing Fellows of the Society. Each candidature then undergoes a rigorous four-stage annual selection process which culminates in a postal ballot to the Fellowship.

Awarded by Royal Society of Edinburgh


The following people are associated with this Honour:

Sir Derek Barton
A Nobel prize winning chemist, whose work on the concept of conformation in chemistry was groundbreaking.

Dame (Susan) Jocelyn Bell Burnell
An internationally acclaimed astronomer, honoured for her discovery of pulsars.

Sir James Black
A Nobel prizewinning pharmacologist whose invention of beta blockers was hailed as one of the most important drug discoveries of the century.

Sir Michael Bond
A leading psychiatrist, who with Bryan Jennett, created the Glasgow Outcome Scale.

Richard Cogdell
An acclaimed botanist who, with chemist Neil Isaacs, conducted seminal research into the structure and function of bacterial reaction centres and light-harvesting complexes.

Sir Samuel Crowe Curran
An exceptional physicist whose inventions were used in laboratories all over the world.

Ethel Dobbie Currie
A distinguished geologist and one of the first women to be appointed as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Anthony Fallick
A distinguished geoscientist who revolutionised our understanding of the earth's geodynamic carbon cycle.

Oswald Fergus
A forward thinking dentist who developed a simulated head for training dental students.

Malcolm Ferguson-Smith
A celebrated geneticist whose work on gene mapping has shaped our understanding of human evolution.

Dorothy Geddes
A pioneering dental surgeon, she was the first woman to hold a chair in dentistry in any UK University.

Sir Alexander Gibson
A celebrated conductor and founder Scottish Opera.

Thomas Gibson
A pioneering surgeon who was first to understand the rejection grafts of tissue taken from a donor as an antigen-antibody reaction.

John Glaister
A forensic scientist famed for his expert testimony in prominent legal cases and for a classic text that moulded the development of his subject.

David Graham
An eminent neuropathologist who, with Hume Adams and David Doyle, established conculsively that Ischaemic brain damage (IBD) is an important cause of mortality and morbidity after head injury.

William McPhee Hutchison
An eminent zoologist who discovered that cats are the source of the Toxoplasma parasite infection in humans.

Neil Isaacs
A distinguished chemist who, with botanist Richard Cogdell, conducted seminal research into the structure and function of bacterial reaction centres and light-harvesting complexes.

Bill Jarrett
An acclaimed veterinary scientist who discovered the viral cause of feline leukaemia and who was one of the team who created the first commercial vaccine for a parasitic disease in cattle.

Joseph Lister Baron Lister
The surgeon who transformed operating practice with his system of antiseptic surgery.

Sir Neil MacCormick
An internationally recognised legal philosopher and politician, his works were hugely important in our understanding of the role of law in shaping society.

Peter Macfarlane
An award winning electrocardiologist who pioneered the use of computers in hospital-baased ECG interpretation.

John MacIntyre
An acclaimed radiologist and pioneer of the use of X-rays as a therapeutic tool.

Rona MacKie
An award winning dermatologist who demonstrated the dangers of using melanoma patients as transplant donors.

Thomas Murray MacRobert
An internationally renowned research mathematician, who discovered the E-function.

Sheina Marshall
A major figure in British biological oceanography, she was one of the first women to be made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Pat Monaghan
An esteemed ecologist, whose experiments were first to demonstrate that female birds of certain species could adjust the sex ratio of the eggs they produced in response to environmental circumstances.

Alexander Nove
An influential economist and historian who became advisor to successive British Ambassadors to the Soviet Union and was instrumental in changing British Government policy towards the Soviet Union in the early 1980s.

John Boyd Orr Baron Boyd Orr of Brechin
A Nobel prize winning nutritionist and physiologist, who led pioneering studies in the nutition of farm animals and human populations.

Guido Pontecorvo
A ground breaking geneticist who established the fungus Aspergillus nidulans as a conventient genetical tool and who discovered and patented the 'Parasexual cycle'.

Anne Robertson
An award winning Roman archaeologist and numismatist.

J Monteath Robertson
The founder of organic crystallography.

Michael Samuels
A language scholar and founder of the award winning Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary Project.

Roger Scott
A renowned nuclear physicist who was responsible for the first successful delicensing of a nuclear reactor in the UK.

James Shepherd
A world leading pathologist whose work with the WOSCOPS research team led to the introduction of statins in the UK as a treatment to prevent heart attacks.

Robert Silver
An internationally honoured mechanical engineer whose system for desalination was adopted as an industry standard.

Sir Graham Teasdale
A leading neurosurgeon, with Bryan Jennet, he created the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS).

Derick Smith Thomson
One of the leading Gaelic poets and critics of his generation, he published and edited the Gaelic language magazine Gairm for over fifty years.

Sir William Thomson Baron Kelvin of Largs
The University of Glasgow's most eminent physicist, honoured in many countries for his numerous inventions.

Sir Alexander Todd Baron Todd of Trumpington
A Nobel prizewinning chemist, honoured for his research on nucleotides and nucleotide co-enzymes.

George Urquhart
An eminent veterinary scientist, who was on the team who created the first commercial vaccine for a parasitic disease in cattle.

Keith Vickerman
An acclaimed zoologist who was first to demonstrate the existence of variable surface antigen types in metacyclic trypanosomes.

Sir Alwyn Williams
A prominent geologist who discovered silica and phosphate biominerals in brachiopod shells.