Commander of the British Empire (CBE)

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Commander is a grade of the Order of the British Empire and is awarded by the British Monarch on advice of the Government.

Awarded by British Monarch


The following people are associated with this Honour:

Dame (Susan) Jocelyn Bell Burnell
An internationally acclaimed astronomer, honoured for her discovery of pulsars.

William Boyd
An internationally acclaimed novelist and screenwriter, who has won many prizes including the Costa and Los Angeles Times awards.

Oliver Franks Baron Franks
The remarkable philosopher and diplomat who was instrumental in brokering the Marshall Plan after the Second World War and who, as British Ambassador to Washington 1948-1952 negotiated on Britain's behalf in the formation of NATO.

Kate Fraser
A pioneering psychiatrist who was influential in establishing the employment rights of those with mental health issues.

Sir Alexander Gibson
A celebrated conductor and founder Scottish Opera.

Bryan Jennett
The leading neurosurgeon of his day, with Graham Teasdale, he created the Glasgow Coma Scale and with Michael Bond, he created the Glasgow Outcome Scale.

Peter Macfarlane
An award winning electrocardiologist who pioneered the use of computers in hospital-baased ECG interpretation.

Rona MacKie
An award winning dermatologist who demonstrated the dangers of using melanoma patients as transplant donors.

Osborne Henry Mavor
Better known as playright James Bridie, he was one of Scotland's most influential writers and founder of the Glasgow Citizens Theatre.

Ian McIntyre
An eminent veterinary scientist, who was on the team who created the first commercial vaccine for a parasitic disease in cattle.

J Monteath Robertson
The founder of organic crystallography.

Robert Silver
An internationally honoured mechanical engineer whose system for desalination was adopted as an industry standard.