Iain MacIntosh, Theatre Specialist, November 2007

"The Citizens Theatre is probably more important as part of Britain's heritage than perhaps many imagined. It is Britain's oldest fully functioning professional theatre which retains the greater part of the historic auditorium and stage... The Citizens is thus a British national treasure."

His desire for professional production of his work following the debut performance of his first play in 1928, led to many of his dramas in the 1930s and 1940s being presented first on the London West End stage.

The first production at the Citizens' was Bridie's The Holy Isle and with its creation he increasingly wrote for the emergent Scottish theatre and produced some of his best work, such as The Forrigan Reel (1944), The Queen's Comedy (1950) and The Baikie Charivari (1952).

Bridie's energy and vision is of paramount significance to contemporary Scottish theatre, not only in the creation of the Glasgow Citizens', but also in initiating the opportunity for professional training for Scottish actors, and promoting Scotland's cause in the post-war climate of state funding for the arts.