From the Scotsman newspaper review , 17 Nov 1927

"it is a scholarly and comprehensive handbook that would enrich any law library: and will no doubt become a familiar resort for studious youth."

Professor Gloag was the Regius Professor of Law in the University of Glasgow: Professor Henderson was Professor of Scots Law in the University of Edinburgh. From the outset, the breadth of subject areas, its accuracy and clarity have earned the work its highly respected place with all involved or interested in Scottish legal matters. The development of Scots law in the twentieth century can be traced through succeeding editions of the textbook, the most recent being the 12th edition (2007). Although conceived as a student text, it has proved from the start to be so much more than this, rather providing a comprehensive and detailed overview of (mainly private) law in Scotland. As such, it has earned respect " some would argue reverence " at all levels up to the House of Lords.